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The Process

T&B Reassign Property is the ideal solution for real estate problems! Our three-step process – collecting information, presenting offers for you to choose from, and finally ensuring  that you get results in the least amount of time is our simple process.

T & B Reassign Property is the perfect solution for all your real estate woes. We specialize in helping owners get the most out of their investments, by meeting with them to discuss their needs and then providing customized solutions based on an analysis of their property. So, start by filling out the contact form so that our team can set an appointment and get started. 

Step 1a.  Discuss your problem.
Step 1b.  Asses the property.
Part of the first step is to assess the property.

T & B Reassign Property offers world-class solutions for solving a variety of real estate problems, from simple to complex. Their experienced team of professionals will analyze the problem and develop realistic and practical solutions, while always keeping the owner's best interests in mind. They will work quickly and efficiently, and provide logical explanations for their proposed solutions, ensuring that the owner understands the advantages and drawbacks of each option. After presenting the solutions, T & B Reassign Property will answer the owner's questions. The owner then have an option to not select a solution or select a solution that best meets their needs. All of this occurs with 48 hours.

Step 2a.Present solutions.
We present the owner with several options of how we can help solve the problem.
Step 2b.  Choose solution that best fit your needs.

T & B Reassign Property is the premier provider of real estate solutions. Finally, we specialize in helping you acquire clear title on your real estate investment with cash payment in less than 20 days. Experience hassle-free real estate transactions and let us handle the rest.

Step 3 We close
This is the final step needed to complete the process.

At T & B Reassign Property, we provide a comprehensive suite of real estate problem solving services to help you get the results you need. With our experienced professionals and detailed instruction, you can rest assured that your problems will be tackled quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to discuss how we can best serve your needs

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